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May 10, 2013

I need to mark the results of correctly completing tasks in a simulation.  Where are the formulas I can choose from?  Are the results based on the number of correct clicks to the total number of clicks required?  How does the app know when there have been too many incorrect clicks and the learner isn't completing the simulation correctly?

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Donna Morvan

Hello Robbin,


I don't think that there's a built-in one per se that tracks how many clicks etc. From experience, here's what I do:

1. I set a limit as to how many "misclicks" I am allowing in a "handson challenge". Where I work challenges are totally separate from our course content.

2. Let's say that take on the challenge of "Configuring a Camera". I will let them know that they will only be allowed a specific number of misclicks.

3. You will need to create a Number Variable labeled "MisclickCount or ErrorCount" with default value = how many misclicks you're allowing them to. (You can name the variable any name you want)

4. In my case every time they click on the wrong spot - the "try again" layer comes up so I base the number of errors from the number of times they had to click Try Again button. - - - I add a trigger to the "Try Again" button to subtract the value by 1 when they click on it.


5. From here on, it really now depends on you what you want to do. For me, When they reach the maximum number of misclicks, they are automatically directed to an EXIT slide that lets them know that they are not ready to complete the challenge and it also shows what they need to review in order to do better next time.

***This works for us since we can then also track how many attempts they have for the challenge using LMS and we also have the option to lock the number of attempts for the challenge itself.***


1. You can convert to freeform the slides to "Hotspot". If you do this, the slide will be tracked as a question slide.

2. At the very end, you can add a "Result Slide" and just like any quiz, set a target percentage for passing.

NOTE: Both options are rather tedious but it really all depends on what your goal is.

Hope this helps,


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