Course completion followed by survey questions?

Feb 14, 2018

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else. I haven't been able to find a thread that really answers my question. I am just coming the end of completing my first Storyline 360 course. It is an introduction to our LMS and some of the course creation processes we use. However I don't really think we need to have a formal assessment; I'm happy for the user to confirm their completion by clicking a button.

What I want to do is have them click a button that confirms they have completed a course and that also then sends them to a survey question(s) to allow them to leave feedback on how helpful the course was. I have a couple of questions;

- If I use a graded 'pick one' question and select the button that they will be asked to click to complete course as the correct answer, what do I need to turn on / off in the question settings so that it will record the course as 100% completed in our LMS but will allow me to link straight to the survey question rather than a results page?

- If they then complete the survey question where will these results appear in our LMS? (currently we use the Infor LMS).

- Would it make more sense to create survey questions using the 'graded questions' but turning off scores / feedback to ensure I can see the responses to the questions in our LMS?


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Christine Hounsham

Hi Catherine,

Can I suggest you think about a few queries first before looking at your preferred best solution.  My questions would be:

(a) I am assuming that if you want to mark people as complete at the point of the Course Complete button, that if people then close their browser without doing the survey this is ok?

(b) assuming the above, this your course sequential ie. can you be assured how much content (% of slides) people have viewed to this point (as opposed to alternative where the course is branched and content viewed dependent on learner selection.  

(c) if both a and b are the case, I would personally look at marking the course as complete based on a % viewed.  using the approximate % of how many slides to get up to the survey question.  This would then simplify the result slides you need to generate to be able to record completion and capture survey results. 

Alternatively, you could also head down the path of doing the survey outside of the LMS ie by email or directing to mail chimp etc.  There are some good tutorials that people have posted previously in the community about how to do this.  

Hope this helps as a start. 

Cheers Christine

Catherine Williamson

Hi Christine,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply.

Some answers to your questions;

a) Yes if people don't want to take a survey about their experience I don't want to make it mandatory at this point.

b.)  it is set up sequentially I suppose, but users currently can click to any of the modules they desire or have a particular urgency to know more about.  It's more of an FYI / 'if you want to know more...' kind of set-up. There may be a couple of modules they are particularly concerned with but may equally want to skip through some of the content in the other two depending on what they already know. So I don't think it would work to base it on % of pages completed as that seems to penalise users who don't need to visit all the pages.

C. At the moment I've gone down the route of  changing the final contents page into a 'pick one' quiz question. When the user clicks the completion button I'm hoping that it confirms they have completed the question. Do I still need a results slide? At the moment clicking the button also sends them to one final likert scale survey question.  I have attached two images that may help to clarify.

I am still playing around deciding on the best options for the user to complete the course. All suggestions appreciated!

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