Course Completion Problems with LMS

Aug 03, 2021

Hello! I have been going back and forth with our district's LMS to resolve this issue and I am not getting anywhere with them. Very frustrating.

I have a series of trainings that we need to track completion in the LMS. In Storyline 360 I created a final slide with a Complete button with a complete course trigger. When I published the SCORM package (2004, 4th edition), I confirmed that tracking was based on the trigger and I selected Completed/Incomplete since this is an all-or-nothing situation and no passing grades needed. On the LMS side, I enabled grading so that the completion of the module would register in the grade book as 100% when completed. I selected Completion as the grade type. So far, so good (I think).

In the LMS, everything worked fine before making the course public. Then a few days in, people started getting error messages (inconsistently - not all people, not all modules) and tracking completion became erratic. The LMS finally resolved the fatal error messages (after 3 weeks of working on it and no clear explanation as to what happened) but they are still trying to figure out the inconsistent completion issue. In the meantime, I tested things out on SCORM Cloud and everything checked out fine.

They are claiming that it is an issue with the web browser being used. They feel if a person uses Firefox then there is not a problem (unless/until Firefox does an update that would negate this). However, they don't know why there is an issue with Edge and Chrome. They suggested that the solution is to have the developer (me) make sure to do the completion trigger correctly. I believe that I have, especially since we had things working fine with both Edge and Chrome. The course completion slide is identical in all of the modules.

Has anyone had this happen before? I am not sure if they are giving us the run around. We have another major roll out the very end of the month and I need to have a reliable way to track completion. 



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Joseph Francis

When you tested your course on SCORM Cloud, did you do it using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome (in addition to Firefox)? And were the results any different than the positive results you achieved using Firefox?

If the results were identical, then the problem isn't in your course, it's in how the LMS launches and communicates with the course. Are you positive the LMS can handle SCORM 2004, Edition 4? Is there a specific reason you are using Edition 4 and not Edition 3? Some LMS' are still "squirrely" with Edition 4 (SumTotal, for example, has been slow to adopt; I stuck with Edition 3 because I had no compelling reason to go to Edition 4).

Michael Molnar

Thank you for responding! The LMS claims to support 2004, edition 4. I only use Edge and Chrome, so it would’ve been one of those when I tested with SCORM Cloud. The LMS team is the one that said they were able to successfully trigger the completion on Firefox but not Edge/Chrome. I believe their test was to see if they replicate the issue, not a test on SCORM Cloud.

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