Course Completion Status in LMS

Has anyone run into situation where a user completes the course in your LMS and it remains in an "in process" status even though the user has completed? One of the things I found is that if the user skips ahead and does not wait for the slide to run it's course, it will show as "in process". Also, I have a trigger for an Exit button and was wondering if the user did not click the button and exit out of the course, could this also be a reason for the "in process" status to remain? When testing this, some users' status still remained in process even when they followed the two steps mentioned above. Is there anything else that could cause this?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Dianne!

I'm happy to help! Which reporting option are you using when publishing your course? 

It's hard to determine what might be causing the in-progress status without testing the file. If you're comfortable, I'd like to test your file on my end to see where the issue is. You can use this secure upload link to share the .story file.