Course completion with quiz results tracked

I am trying to get a completed status with a score in the LMS. I am using articulate storyline. When I publish, I played with the reporting option and have chosen both "pass/incomplete" and "complete/incomplete". For tracking, I selected the option to track using quiz results. Our LMS (Meridian) is able to track pass, incomplete and complete as a status. Our quiz draws random questions from a question bank that is created in articulate. I have included the question bank in the section "calculate results for selected questions".  I also have the show user score selected. I have tested the content in both Meridian LMS and SCORM cloud but am not able to get a completion in either environment.  I have the passing test score set to 0% because we really just want the score for reporting purposes in the LMS. Can someone help me figure out why I am not able to get a completion in the LMS?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Craig, 

I looked into the case number, and it seems that a colleague of yours may have submitted it and worked with Eloise? It seems that the issue was resolved by ensuring there is a "submit results" associated with your results slide. Feel free to let Eloise or us know if you need any other assistance.