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Aug 15, 2013

Hello all, I have been struggling with a theme or style for a new online course that addresses Winter Driving for Transport Truck Drivers in Canada.

I have the content all written but I want to try and make this course as interactive as possible because the subject matter is dry but very necessary.

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how to add the wow factor to this type of course?

Thanks so much


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Bruce Graham

Hi Wendy and welcome to the Heroes Community.

The first thing that occurs to me is - somehow using Richard Calcutt's "Slider" (nicely relevant!), and showing what happens when you go up in miles per hour (or whatever)

Once again - this is a "compliance" course, so show what happens if you do NOT comply, much more fun!

Got to be some great opportunities for videos...even if you have to make them in PowerPoint 2010 + and export. Might have to pay a few dollars to have someone build some truck images for you.

Hope that helps, and once again a warm welcome.


David Anderson

Hi Wendy! Welcome to E-Learning Heroes.

Any chance you can post a sample of your outline or content so we can see what you're working with? I like where Bruce is going w/ his suggestions. If you can share a little more specific info or objectives, we can probably help you with more detailed suggestions.

Sounds like a fun project!

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Wendy: One of the best way to engage a learner is to have relevant content that the learner cares about. I believe they care more about that than what image is on-screen, though of course a slick graphic design is always a good thing (unless you are writing about the Hisstory of Punk).

Rather than looking for tech pyrotechnics, I'd suggest really looking at the content you have. You mentioned that it was "dry." OK.

  • Can you place some of the really dry stuff up in a resources tab? (if it's really dry it's probably not crucial)
  • Can you unlock navigation so learner can just go through what they want?
  • Make the prose more concise: paragraph level: is every sentence in the paragraph level necessary? Sentence level: is every word necessary? To make the prose more active, where can you highlight the action? If you're interested in writing more concisely for elearning, you might dig this presentation. Revising elearning prose
  • How can you get learners to pull content? Consider things like tab interactions or layers if you are working in Storyline.
  • Consider working some story elements in: perhaps a set of interesting characters (who are drivers), which will open up the opportunity for dialogue and scenarios.

Anyway, just a few thoughts. --Daniel

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