Course doesn't play in Chrome

Hi, I've published a course for posting to our intranet. I did enable HTML5 output.  I've done with with many previous courses; however, my current course will not play.  It launches and the player displays; however, the main screen is blank.  I would instruct users to launch the course in IE; however, the Resources tab doesn't function properly in IE.  

We are trying to deploy this course today and would prefer not to go through out LMS.  Can anyone assist?!



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lynn,

Are you seeing a particular error message when trying to play it in Chrome? We've seen that Chrome is blocking Flash by default, and you may want to go through the steps here to get around that change in Chrome's behavior.

Let us know if that helps or if you're still running into an issue with the course not playing - also, any screenshots of an error or what it's looking like would be helpful in addition to a link to the course.