Course Freezing for a Few, Working for Most

Nov 26, 2012


I have created a Storyline course, and have been getting messages that the course is freezing at certain points by a small number of people. We are trying to determine what could be the cause of this.

This is only happening on some people's computers, most have viewed, taken and completed the course successfully. Everyone is on PCs, Windows XP and using IE 8.

The slides that the freezing seems to be happening on have litle or no interactivity, and are simple text/image slides wih just an entrance animation for an image sliding in. There doesn't seem to be any reason why the course would keep freezing. There are 2 or 3 pages where this seems to be occuring primarily.

It seems to be about 10-15 people out of 100 that are experiencing the error.

We updated the Adobe Flash Player and tested that, but made no difference. The course is published for LMS (ours is Knowledge Center) and seems to upload fine. I have taken it myself several times and had no issues.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and might have some ideas.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jeff,

It's good that you already checked the Flash Player version, that was the first thing I was going to suggest.

Since they're using Internet Explorer 8, you may want to ask them to try this solution.

You could also ask if one of the users would be willing to try another browser to see if they experience the same issue (they could test in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). 

Did you check to see if they have the latest version of Java installed and not an older version?

I currently use Chrome and IE 10, but I could try to install IE 8 and see if I experience the same problem. Are you able to share the presentation? 

Jeff Clay

Well, after a very frustrating week, I've finally discovered that the error is not with the Storyline course, but with the LMS we are using. The current LMS, Knowledge Center, has had issues with Articulate courses freezing in certain spots.

We are currently LMS shopping, and I wanted to post this so if anyone else had similar problems, they might want to look at their LMS first. The support team for our current LMS said that it has had issues with HTML5 and have some sort of work-around - still waiting to hear back.

Thanks, Christine for the help!


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