Course marking complete in LMS when completion trigger not reached

May 18, 2021

I'm having an issue with a course. I have checked all the completion settings and they appear to be correct:


- Tacking - Complete course trigger and is set to Using Triggers (eg complete course)

- The complete course trigger is on a button after successfully passing the assessment (but before the end of the course).

The LMS marks the course complete pretty much after launching it. 

LMS settings:

Add to history on completion of all content (when launched is not selected)

Completion status: eLearning - Succ

Is this an issue with the new version? I did test it with an older version of the course:

 I upload the 'older' published scorm file, it worked correctly

I re-published the old version and this scorm file completes too early.

It does seem like an issue with the Scorm file published - please help!!

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