Course not completing in Branching scenario

I created a course when there is a section that some employees have to complete a few extra slides depending on the their role and some don't. I have 2 boxes that have triggers to jump to the next appropriate slide based on their role. The triggers are working to take them to the right place but if the person clicks on the box that skips these role specific slides, it does not mark completion of the course in our LMS. It only marks them as complete if they click on the slides that are unnecessary for them. Is there some sort of trigger that allows them to skip the slides and still get marked as complete for the course. Thanks Rosemary

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Judy Nollet

It sounds like you're using 360 and have completion triggers for those who view the role-based slides. So why not just add a completion trigger for those who don't take that route? The trigger could be run when they click that box to skip the role-specific slides. Or it could be run when the timeline starts if they go to a closing slide.

Or are you using #slides viewed in SL3 (which doesn't have completion triggers)?  If so, this post explains another way to complete a course: 

Rosemary Aylward

Thanks for your response. I tried to look for one that might accomplish that but had no luck. 

The folks who need to take the special content have to finish ALL content, so they are not a problem. They go thru all the slides and the LMS marks the completion. 

The folks that don't need the special content have the same first 17 slides, skip 2 slides and start back up on Slide 20 and go thru the rest of the slides to finish the course. When they get to the end they are not being marked as complete because they skipped those slides. Is there a trigger that would mark the slides they skipped complete when they click on the box that has the trigger to skip them? I appreciate any suggestions. Rosemary 

Judy Nollet

You didn't say whether you're using Storyline 360 or not.

If you have SL360:

Put a completion trigger on the last slide:

When you publish for the LMS, track via that trigger:

This will work for everyone, since all users have to get to the end of the course.

If you have SL3 (which doesn't have completion triggers), then follow the instructions in the post I linked to in my first reply. That method could also be used to track completion for all users.