Course not completing - suspend_data issue

Sep 12, 2019

One of the courses I have developed in Storyline is not completing for users in my LMS. When I reached out to my LMS support folks, they said it's because the course is recording too much suspend_data, which has caused the course to stop recording data at a certain point. 

One complication to this is that I've created and uploaded four different courses at the same time. The courses were all created from the same template and are nearly identical - however the other three courses do NOT have this problem. In fact the one with the problem is actually the smallest course, with the smallest amount of interactions. So, no idea why that one is recording too much suspend_data or why users can't complete it.

I've scoured other forum postings and tried solutions including removing unnecessary variables, removing unnecessary slides and having individual slides reset to initial state. None of those things resolved the problem. I'm also not able to publish to SCORM 2004. And I really don't want to resort to setting the course to never resume on restart (but I don't think I should have to because the other nearly-identical courses work just fine the way they are).

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Is there some way to pinpoint exactly in the course the problem might be?

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