Course not loading (loading circle runs indefinitely)... app.min.js returning 404 error until page is refreshed

Nov 20, 2018

My course (published for web) is not loading initially in Chrome. The "loading circle" spins indefinitely. Looking at the developer tools, it appears that the app.min.js file tried to load twice, both returning 404 errors.

When I reload the page, however, the app.min.js file (and the course) load fine. I can clear the cache and replicate the problem, though. So, anyone using Chrome who wants to look at the course needs to reload the page. Not ideal. 

Storyline 360 version: 3.20.16814.0
Chrome version 70.x
Running on two web servers that I believe are using IIS

Here's an example course:

Thanks for any help you can provide. Articulate staff, I have a support case for this already: #01593480.

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