Course not loading when published as HTML5 with Flash fallback (Storyline 360)

Jun 14, 2017

Since the June 1st update, I cannot get my Storyline 360 course to load using the HTML5 with Flash fallback setting.  Neither in Review, nor on the web.  The circle just spins and spins, and the course never loads. If I republish as Flash with HTML5 fallback, it works in both places as a Flash object.  I have tested it in 3 different browsers and on both Windows 10 and Mac.  (And I made sure the browsers are current.) Anyone else having this issue since the update?

6/15 - Update on this, it's a project that was originally an SL2 file that I upgraded to 360.  Also, I sent the file to a colleague to see if they could get it to work and they couldn't even get it to publish with any settings.  Not sure if the file is corrupted. 

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Ali Goulet

Hey Jeanne!

Thanks for reaching out here, and I'm so sorry this is giving you headaches.

I did a quick test on my end and I'm able to publish using that setting, so let's get to the bottom of this. I have a couple questions to help understand what's happening better:

  1. What browser are you using when viewing the published course?
  2. Are you able to publish any other files using the HTML5/ Flash fallback option?

If you're able to publish other courses with that setting, and the issue is limited to this particular file- try importing all your slides into a brand new file and working from that one. 

Keep me posted on how that goes!

Jeanne Bernui

Thanks, Ali.  I tried in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on the Mac side, and Chrome on the Windows side.  I just imported the slides into a new project file and I'm still having the same issue:(  When I publish for Flash with HTLM5 fallback, it plays fine in Safari and Firefox (flash, of course), but won't load in Chrome on Mac or Win.  When I publish for HTML5 with Flash fallback, it doesn't work in any browser, not even in Review (neither Mac nor Win). The "loading" circle just spins and spins.  Can I open a ticket to have someone look at the source file?

Ali Goulet

Hey Anna,

I'm sorry that's happening!

Is this occurring after you've uploaded your published course to the web?

If so, we've run into a few cases recently where Storyline published output is hanging up in Internet Explorer when compatibility mode is enabled.

To confirm if you're running into the same, can you check your compatibility settings?

Our Support Engineers are also happy to test your course over here as well to confirm if you're seeing the same bug. If so, they'll share some options while our team continues to investigate permanent solutions.

Thanks for letting us know about this- keep me posted!

Hatim Hussain


I was facing a similar issue with a 360 course that was published in HTML5/Flash.  It would work in Chrome but not in IE. It would just show the loading screen.

I was able to get it to run in IE 11 with the following steps - 

1. Unzip the scorm zip

2. Edit the index_lms.html in an HTML editor 

3. Changed the order in this line

The original was 

runtimeOrder: [{"type":"html5","url":"index_lms_html5.html"},{"type":"flash","url":"index_lms_flash.html"}]

I changed it to 

runtimeOrder: [{"type":"flash","url":"index_lms_flash.html"},{"type":"html5","url":"index_lms_html5.html"}]

4. Save and rezip the scorm and reupload into LMS.

It now works in both IE 11 and  Chrome for me. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hello Dan and Alice! 

I'd like to grab some more information from you. If there's a wider issue going on, we'd like to know about it! 

  • Are you on the latest update of Storyline 360? To check, click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see 3.18.16333.0 in the bottom-right corner. 

  • Is your published output file hosted on a web server or a LMS?
  • What web browsers were you using when you noticed this problem?
Theresa Prestine-Dommer

Looking at this older string, my company has been seeing this intermittently especially with the Flash/HTML5 fallback and HTML5/Flash fallback.  Could you provide some tips on what others are checking to determine why this is occurring. 

We are having some associates "Clear Cache" but this is not solving the root cause and our tech group has not figured that out as well.  Can you advise? Thank you, Theresa

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Theresa,

It doesn't appear that our team identified a common cause based on what was shared by others in this discussion. 

You mentioned some of your learners are able to clear the cache and load the course. Do you know if these learners are all running into trouble in one particular browser or multiple browsers? Have you checked publishing for HTML5 only (without Flash)? 

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