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Aug 24, 2016

Hi, some urgent help would  be appreciated.  We have a course developed in Articulate Storyline 2, and it's not marking as complete - either in the LMS or on Scorm Cloud.   Original setting was to have it passed at 100%, using the results slide to track and Report status to LMS as "Completed/Incomplete".  That didn't work - marked as 100% score, but as incomplete.  Also tried setting to viewing all the pages, and LMS Report Status of "Completed/Incomplete"  - this didn't work either.  Also tried with "Passed/Failed" - again didn't work.  Can anyone advise pls.

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Monica Keith

Hi Leslie - yes, happy for you to take a look at the file.  Is there somewhere I can load it without it being made public?

FYI - we got it working on SCORM Cloud by setting "Report Status to LMS" to PASSED/INCOMPLETE and with Tracking being based on 29 out of the 30 total pages had been viewed.  This then worked on SCORM Cloud but not on client's LMS.  I believe they need it set to COMPLETE but this doesn't seem to be working when selecting that Report Status in Articulate.

Stacie Linn

If the course is over 29 minutes long or the user has the cbt up (open) for over 29 minutes,  then the API drops.  Kind of like when your cell phone drops a call while driving.  In the LMS it gives the illusion that you are still connected and allows the student to finish the cbt but will not mark complete.  There is supposed to be a fix to this in UPDATE 10 of storyline 2. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stacie,

I'm not sure which fix you're referring to in Update 10 but the list of all fixes is here:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where fullscreen view wouldn't work for website videos, such as YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Fixed issue where a non-looping GIF would unexpectedly loop in Storyline
  • Fixed issue where an animated GIF wouldn't always start playing at the beginning of the animation in Flash output
  • Fixed issue where notes from a previous slide would appear in Flash output if the current slide didn't have notes
  • Fixed issue where text would be the wrong font, size, or format in data-entry fields
  • Fixed issue where hidden base-layer objects would show on other layers when publishing to Microsoft Word
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't tab through player elements when the menu and previous/next buttons were disabled
  • Fixed issue where the course satisfaction status wouldn't be updated in an LMS when retaking a Tin Can API (xAPI) course
  • Fixed issue where an exit-course trigger would incorrectly send a score of 0% to an LMS when tracking by number of slides viewed

You can see the entire list and download the update here. 

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