Course progress using variables

I watched this fantastic tutorial this week:

I wanted to incorporate something similar to this in my course, but with a twist. Instead of using a progress bar, I wanted to have a navigation screen with course topics that receive checkmarks once they're completed. Then, when all topics have a checkbox, the post test link will appear and the user can test their knowledge.

However, I'm getting stuck on the checkbox part.

What I did was make a variable with the topic name (in this case, "LiftTypes") and a starting value of False. Then, on the final "Next" button of the section, I added this trigger:

The checkbox image on my navigation screen has this trigger:When I preview the course, nothing seems to happen. Can anyone offer some advice as to what I'm doing wrong? Anyone? Bueller? 

Thanks in advance!

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Dennis Hall

Hi Arend:

I watched the same video and decided to produce this with a twist...

The twists:

1. It's only one scene

2. It does not count +1 because this can lead to false progress results

3. You can view your progress (see slide 1) in a lightbox

4. it tracks the player nex button then ensures the learner views ALL the last slide.

Hope this helps.

BTW: I also animated the steps on slide 1.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Ian Mondrow

I am trying to do the same thing. However, I want to have users click on a hotspot that will take them to a different scene. Then I want to return them to the index and have that section change colors to show its been viewed.

However, I am having challenges with this. Is this because variables can only work within one scene? I am somewhat new to variables so I must admit that I am not the most advanced.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

John Papiernik

Variables can work in more than one scene, it just becomes more to keep track of. You can re-use the same variable over and over again by adding a trigger to re-set the variable when the timeline starts inthe new scene or slide.

The Tutorials on Variables and conditions helped me out greatly. Check them out.

Arend Raifsnider

Ian, variables work between scenes. 

So I imagine you're using a change state variable that is supposed to implement the color change, correct?

The problem I had was that my variable trigger was listed after the Jump To trigger, which means the course jumped back to my navigation screen before it ever saw the variable trigger. Make sure you have them before Jump To.

Arend Raifsnider

I'm having a new issue with this course. I got all my checkboxes to appear to signify that the sections have been viewed.

What I'm trying to do now is have a Post Test link appear once all sections have been viewed. I have a button initially set to Hidden on my Navigation screen. I built a variable called ProgressMeter that is initially set to 0. The last slide in each section has a trigger that add 1 to the ProgressMeter once the user clicks the next button. Then, on my Navigation screen, I have a variable that makes the state of the Post Test link change to Normal when the value of ProgressMeter equals 5.00. 

It doesn't seem to be change my button's sate. To test that each trigger is working, I changed the value to be 1.00. That does change the state, no matter which course section I view. However, setting the value to anything above 1 doesn't seem to work.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.