Course progression Multi layers with Variables

Jun 24, 2020

I have the attached slide.  I am controlling forward progression in the story  by disabling the next button until most layers have been visited. I created a T/F variable for each layer;  then another variable "Keytermcomplete".

My intention is "'Keytermcomplete"changes to "True"  on the condition the other variables on the layers are "True". I don't care nor desire the layers to be visited in any order. But right now "Keytermcomplete" only changes to "True" if "PCD", "Producer", & "Special cause" are visited before "KC Process Owner". I inadvertently prescribed an order to the layers by the way I wrote the trigger.

As is the next button will only change to normal if a learner visits layers before "KC Process Owner", and that is not desirable. 


How do i make it so layers can be visited in any order and control the next button state?


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