Hotspot and variables

Sep 14, 2012

Hi all, I have a slide with 3 layers and 3 hotspots set up as triggers to those layers.

I want to show the next button only after visiting all three layers and am using variables as there are no states on the hotspots.

I can see the variables are working as I added text boxes to test them, however my next button only appears if I click the first variable last when its set to when variable 1 changes AND Varaible 2 AND variable 3 are equal to true?

It also does not work when I add in a when timeline starts AND variable 1 AND Variable 2 AND variable 3 are equal to true.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks, Louise

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Louise!

First of all, I love your slide design.  

Regarding the trigger on your Next button, what's happening is, the "when" in the trigger is telling Storyline to only change the state of hte Next button when the ACInfo variable changes. You could create 2 more triggers that are the same as the first, and make the "when" refer to the other 2 variables, respectively...however, I think an easier way would be to just use transparent shapes rather than hotspots, because shapes can have visited states (whereas hotspots cannot). This way, you can base the trigger on the state of the shapes, and you'll avoid using any variables at all. Plus you'll have fewer triggers to manaage. Here's a quick look at what I mean:

...and the file's attached. Hope that helps! 

Allan Dunlop

I know this is a long time after Louise's inquiry, but I found this thread looking for a solution to the same issue.

Here's an Articulate tutorial I found that works perfectly:

I wanted to also add a layer that appears when someone tries to click 'Next' without having first visited the hotspot(s), and I found out how to do that here:

Hopefully this will be of use to someone


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