Course Timer and Multiple Results Slides

Apr 26, 2016

I have a course that needs to run with a timer counting up informing the learner of how long they are in the course (they are required to be in this course for 90 minutes). Storyline 1 in the past has allowed me to have an overall results slide for the timer and then other results slides for various quizzes in the course. Storyline 2, however, does not appear to like multiple results slides and when I add a results slide for a quiz, the timer does not display anymore no matter what settings I tweak (that I can find).

I've looked into adding my own custom timer but the problem there is that the time will not save if the learner exits the course and then comes back into it; the timer resets itself. I do not know of a way to keep the timer data to be saved and resumed upon exiting and opening the course.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution? Thanks for any help!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Kenneth -- Thanks for reaching out, and may I ask if you have a file already started that you might be able to share? And while I will defer to your fellow community members to share specific design recommendations, I wanted to pass along the following...

Regarding multiple result slides, "You can use multiple result slides in an Articulate Storyline course, and even combine them for a composite score." Please see here for additional details. 

And you may want to take a look at this post for some additional thoughts on adding an elapsed course timer

Hope that helps and you would also be welcome to post your question over in our Building Better Courses forum, as well. :)

Kenneth Dyer

Hey, Christie. I have developed two test files that show a quiz with a results slide and a separate results slide for the overall course timer. There is a Storyline 1 file and Storyline 2 file with identical information. The timer works in the Storyline 1 file but not in the Storyline 2 file.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Kenneth -- After reviewing your files with identical information, I have not been able to determine how the course timer is working properly in your SL1 course but not in SL2, so I think it would be beneficial if our support engineers were to take a closer look. I will set you up in a case momentarily and you will be hearing from a member of that staff shortly. Your continued patience is appreciated, and I will be sure to follow along with the progress being made on your case! 

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