Course Translation outside of Storyline

I created an elearning course (storyline) some time back for a particular client. They would now like to translate the course into many (20+) languages. For the other interactive elearnings that they have in their LMS, they accomplish this change directly in HTML.

I know about the Articulate export/import XLIFF method, but does anyone have any techniques that's they've successfully used outside of Articulate? That might be less manual/time consuming? 

Thank you. 

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Cass Netzley

You might find some interest in this translation/XLFF application (Hero Translate) we've been using alongside SL and Rise. It utilizes the power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) speech/text AI abilities and makes translation and reimport into Articulate projects pretty simple.

It's great for a baseline sweep and translate. We then have a native speaker on our team do an audit (Articulate Review) and update language nuances, and making sure the conversational tone we're going for is maintained.

This has been great for projects of all sizes to entertain our global audience-- it's well worth taking a look at, it could be a big help depending on your use case.