Course Update Case Study

Four years or so ago, when Articulate Storyline version 1.0 launched, we completed an extremely video heavy course for a client. With a total of over 60 minutes of live video, the course was heavy, extremely expensive and while amazing, also gave the client no ability to update the content without a complete re-shoot.

Here at ilx, we are always looking for ways to elevate the experience for ourselves, our clients and most of all, the learners. We believe in a "learning intent first" mantra. As you all know, there any many factors that come into play when designing a course, with learning intent, and cost being two of the main ones. Enter NAWMAL. We met these guys just a few weeks ago at ATD 2017. We have used 2D animation in the past to some degree, but it’s always been fairly slow to develop and we weren’t happy with the level of control. NAWMAL allows us to create entire self-directed animated screens where characters interact, move around, gesture and express. When Camera angles are dynamic and can be easily changed. My team learned the software in a morning, mastered it in a day. The client recently started talking to us about updating the old video course. We created a sample using NAWMAL. We stripped out the audio from the original course and repurposed that by importing it straight into NAWMAL and assigning it to one of the two characters as needed. We pasted in the script, and NAWMAL did the rest, making the characters talk in exact time with the imported voice over. We then jazzed it up by adding expressions, camera angles, movement and supplementary graphics. We output the NAWMAL files as videos and embedded them in Storyline360. Using layers and standard interactions, we were able to overlay content and interactivity over the NAWMAL videos and create an amazingly interactive custom course in almost no time. These two tools together rock. Clients are going nuts.

Check it out here:

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