Course with Multiple Assesments

Mar 16, 2021

I had an interesting question from an associate. Thought I would pose it here.

She is trying to combine assessments for several different lines of business (LOBs) in one course.  My thought is this:

  • She could have a navigation page that would lead the learner to the correct assessment scene.
  • Each of the assessment scenes would have its own Results Page.

Two issues come to mind.

  • If you have multiple assessments/results, but you only want to use one of them for scoring, how do you ignore the others? SL seems to require accounting for the scores on the other results pages, which wouldn't be used in this context. Variable?
  • Reporting to the LMS. In a single course with five or six separate assessment/results, is there a way to have the LMS recognize which of the LOBs was responded to? Would that be a variable of some kind?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Joseph Francis

I have a quiz I am using for 2 courses which have a lot of the same content, and consequently the same set of questions.

At the beginning of the quiz, I set a variable to determine which path through the assessment the learner will take. Since the course itself is split into several modules, I bundled each module's questions into its corresponding Quiz Bank (Module 1, Module 2, etc.). At the juncture where the 2 courses diverge (see next paragraph), the variable determines whether to enter the next Quiz Bank or hop past that bank and reenter the program flow 3 Quiz Banks down.

After the last Quiz Bank, I have another juncture (a blank slide set to the minimum possible length, with 2 triggers: if the variable is "A," jump to one Results Slide, if it's "B," jump to the other Results Slide).

The Results Slides are configured to track only the applicable question banks (course "A" or "B"), and the Score Only Viewed Questions checkbox at the bottom of the Quiz Settings dialog box is checked.

When I publish, in Reporting and Tracking Options > Tracking, I de-select whichever Results Slide isn't being used (e.g., assessment is for course "A," de-select the Results Slide for course "B"). You do that by hovering to the left of the listing for the Results Slide and click the "lightning bolt;" it looks just like the Disable Trigger lightning bolt in the Triggers panel.

In our case, the assessments are attached to their own courses, so there isn't a chance of "cross-pollination." For tracking purposes, any course-specific data which is returned would be confined to that learner's resume data field, which typically is not accessible to anyone else, including for reporting purposes. You would probably be better off having an assessment for each LOB.

Ashleigh Hally

Ken, did you ever figure this out? I have a similar issue (figured it out last year but solution is trapped on an old laptop. Trying to get access so I can just duplicate the triggers. If I get access, I'll let you know! but in the meantime...) My course is 6 scenes (English + 5 other languages). Users will pick their language and only need to complete/pass one quiz. How can I score one quiz w/o taking into account the other quizzes? Would love to hear any tricks you came up with!