hope this isn't too basic. Two assesments on one course

Feb 19, 2013


I have a course which concludes with an assessment and certificate BUT dependant on you job role depends which assessment is taken.

Scene 1 is introduction then learner is asked to choose a role

Scene 2 for non clinicians and assessment

Scene 3 Clinicians and assessment

My question is can each assessment be taken individualy and would the LMS know one assessment has been completed or would it only report as complete if both assessments were passed.

Or is the above not possible



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Will Bladon

Hi Ken,

Not an expert but I would imagine this would depend on your LMS system.

We use Moodle and to achieve a similar thing- ie have a clinical and non-clinical couse, we have the same learning package uploaded twice with the relevant assessment added to the end. And then hosted as Clinical xxx and Non Clinical xxx.

Probably not the best way to do it in terms of space used etc, but it does make it easier for us to report on- and for staff members they find it easy to just go on to Moodle and click on the module which is appropriate to them. Also I think for clinical staff it adds benefit to have a special 'clinical' module- so they feel they are not doing the same learning as non-clinical people- even if content is very similar.

Within Storyline you can set results slides to take results from certain slides- so you could branch the module to direct to either a clinical or non clinical assessment- and the results slide would mark that section only- to give a pass or fail- this should then feed into your LMS to report they successfully passed (or not). Above reasons may influence whether you do this or not.

Hope that hasn't over complicated the matter!

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