Create a button to reset the slide?

Sep 26, 2013

Is there a way to create a button the learner can click that will reset a slide to its original state? I'd like to create such a button and label it "Reset Slide."

I know I can change the Properties when revisiting the slide to "reset to initial state," but I wanted to have the button right on the slide so learners don't have to do the PREV and NEXT thing to reset.


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Marcel Mihulka

Further to this discussion, I have created a menu where the books disappear from a shelf which means I am required to set the slide to resume saved state. One all the books are gone, i'd like a button to come up that triggers the slide to be reset, ie have all the books come back onto the shelf. Is this possible?

Josh Uhlig


You can do this with triggers that change the state of the books to hidden.  The reset button could change all the hidden states back to visible (normal state). 

You could use a conditional trigger that changes the reset button to visible (normal) IF all the individual book images are in the hidden state.  I've attached a simple example.

bruce amrein

With the slide set to "reset to initial state", every time the slide is revisited it will reset to its original state. I know everyone says to program another button to jump the same slide or some such nonsense, that's only necessary if the seek bar is hidden [because the pause and replay buttons are part of the seek bar]. But if the seek bar is not hidden and you have the replay button available, click the replay button and the slide will automatically reset each time; again, with the slide set to "reset to initial state". If you want to program/add a nifty button for fun, go right ahead, but it's not necessary. Cheers 

Robert Dunn

I have an instance where there are 4 chapters with questions in them. if they get more than 3 wrong they have to restart the current chapter they are in.

While in the chapter there is a back button where they can go backwards and review the feedback of the questions right or wrong. 

So I want the questions in that chapter set to saved state. 

However if they fail and the chapter restarts i want the slides set back to initial state to re answer the questions.

is there a function or trigger that can reset that chapter's slides to initial state when they fail and the chapter starts?

First time posting, 

Thank you


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for reaching out here with your question. There isn't a functionality to reset the entire slide from within a master - but perhaps you could share more about your set up here or even an example so that the community could weigh in with other ideas or solutions to assist you. In the meantime, if you enable the seekbar as part of your slide you'll be able to use the rewind button on the seekbar and it will behave as detailed here. 

Laura Ingle

Is there a way to reset a slide back to initial state that has previously been set to resume state by way of a trigger and condition?  I have a drag and drop slide that works as a menu to 5 quiz items so that when you drag an object onto a shelf it jumps to the first question slide. After that question is answered, the next button navigates back to the dnd slide upon which you drag another object  onto the shelf which in turn takes you to question 2. After answering question 2 you click next to go back to drag and drop slide and drag another object onto shelf that takes you to question 3, and so on, and so on until 5 questions are completed.  After those five are completed, the user can click on the next button on the drag and drop slide to take them to the results slide. Now, If they fail, I want them to be taken back to the drag and drop slide to do it again, and I can set that up with a retake quiz button on the fail layer in the results slide, however, since that drag and drop slide is set at resume save state, all of the dragged items are still on the shelf, and I want them to reset to their initial state or positions. Is there a way to set that slide to initial state from it's resumed state? With a condition met?  I hope this makes sense. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura,

I haven't yet seen a trigger/condition behavior to control the slide properties and reset it to an initial state, but that doesn't mean it can't be done...just that it's not something built-in to the functionality of Storyline. I'll be curious to follow along here and hope others can share some unique ideas! I always feel like anything can be done with we'll see. ;-) 

Ned Whiteley

Hi Julie,

When you create a slider, it automatically creates a number variable called Slider1 (click on the Project Variables button (see below) to see the details):

What I have done in the attached example is to jump to the same slide (as you did previously) when the Reset Slider button is selected. I have also created a trigger that sets Slider1 to zero when the timeline starts for the slide (see above). This then resets your slider.

Hope this helps.

Julie Cabaniss

Hi Ned and Crystal,

Thank you so much!  I Set Slider1 to 0.00 when the timeline starts and everything is resetting but the button on the slider just still stays at the end!  Your slider works perfectly.  Maybe I'll try a different slider options. 

I'm attaching screenprints of before reset and after reset.  The animations all reset well but the button is still on the right!?

Julie Cabaniss

Ok, I figured it out.

1. I had my initial value set to 1 not 0 on the slider so it was not going to go all the way back to the beginning.

2. I copied my original slider from my first screen where I used sliders, to my subsequent screens, so the object appears as Slider 1 on all of my sliders, but the changes I set up in the triggers refer to whatever slider articulate is recognizing on that screen, for instance, slider 2.  So, under my reset object button, I was setting it up to set slider 1 equal to 0.00 when timeline starts, but the slider on this screen is really slider 2 according to articulate.  So I redid the reset to set slider 2 to 0.00 when the timeline starts and that did it.

I wish I had not copied my original slider to subsequent screens, because it's always being called Slider 1 and I did so much work tying triggers to it that I don't want to delete and re-add it:(

Julie Cabaniss

Is there a way to disallow the user from sliding the slider button backwards?  I have have the reset button option all ready to go, but if I drag the button backwards instead of using the reset button, all my triggers happen in weird order and it messes everything up until I hit the reset button again.  I don't want the users to be able to drag it backwards.  Any suggestions out there?

Crystal Horn

Hi Julie! I'm glad to hear you were able to work with the variables. Thanks so much for sharing your process for other folks. You might need to get creative to prevent users from sliding backward. I would consider:

  • Do you only want the slider to be moved once?
  • Can the slider be advanced forward, stopping multiple times, but not backward?

If anyone in the community has some advanced slider-locking ideas, let's hear them! We also have this amazing article that offers slider pro-tips.

Julie Cabaniss

I saw that article.  My problem is that I've tied motion paths to triggers on the slider. For instance, I have a T cell moving on it's first motion path when slider = 2 (I've also done slider > 2).  And I have all these cells and antibodies flying around the screen finding their targets when the slider reaches a certain spot. If they drag the slider backwards, those motion paths are all triggered - it is a mess. 

One workaround that I came up with is to make my slider value go from 1-11 and have all the animations end at 10 but when they complete the slide, at 11, there's a trigger to change the state of the slider to hidden and the only thing the user can do is to hit the slider reset button.  But if they don't drag it all the way to the end - to 11 - then the slider doesn't disappear.  Anyway, hope there's a better way out there. I do have tickets in to the support team and I sent them my file so stay tuned.