Create a certificate

Mar 31, 2021

How do I create a certificate of completion for a Storyline 360 course?  There are 7 questions throughout the course, and I have a quiz results slide as well.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mark,

Creating a certificate is not a built-in feature of Storyline, but you may be able to create one using the published output:

Storyline and Studio: How to Create Certificates by Customizing the Report.html File

I look forward to what the community shares with you here and I wanted to link you to a similar conversation in the meantime:

Storyline 360 - Generating a PDF Certificate using JavaScript

Kristin Hatcher

I would design a page within Storyline that is your certificate. You can have people enter their name earlier in the course, or find some JavaScript that will pull their name from the LMS (I've attached a version of that created by Math Notermans, that worked for me). You can also find built-in variables that you can add so the current date appears on the certificate, etc. Then I would put a "print" button on the page. The JavaScript for printing any page in Storyline is just