Create a Multiple Response Hotspot

May 08, 2013

I had this question come up in a recent Storyline class that I thought may be helpful. I had someone who wanted to create a Hotspot question in Storyline and have more than one correct answer. There, of course, are several ways to do this, but here is the Screenr I sent to her using the Pick Many question type:



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Rachel Fredell

This is what I needed. Thank you Stephanie. I have a question though. How can I change how the shapes appear when selected. I created shapes, made them transparent and added them to the form. Some of my shapes turn light blue when selected, but some don't. Can I edit this. I have attached a slide. The circles with numbers light up, but the shapes on the the diagram on the right do not. 

Craig Hadden - Remote Possiblities

Thanks so much Stefanie -- you and the Articulate community are the best!

What a succinct and clear explanation.

BTW, I have a tip in return: If you or anyone here ever wants to choose a video's playback speed (on Vimeo, Facebook, etc), here's 1 line of JavaScript you can paste into your browser to do that:

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