Create dropdown of 50+ items

I need to create a dropdown list in Storyline 360 that contains 50+ items (eg: list of US states, counties, etc.).  I then want to send what was selected in the dropdown to an LRS via JS.

I've been viewing several dropdown ideas but none handle that many items.  There must be a template somewhere that I could use/customize.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Jerry Beaucaire

For the drop down, remember we fake drop downs using layers, so we can utilize that real estate however we need.  We don't have to stay with the standard "everything in one scrolling column" approach that is a traditional drop down.

  1. TextEntry box on the base layer with a trigger added to open a layer that has all the states listed so they will appear below the box.
  2. On the layer, add the 50 states with triggers on each to insert the clicked state into the TextEntry variable for later use, and to close the layer.

Same attached.