Create single PDF document from Storyline text-entry responses


I am creating an interaction where the students in a class fill in some 10-15 text-entry fields with their notes.  And then I would like to have all the notes compiled in one PDF for the students to take at the end.  

I found a few great discussions:

But I'm having trouble getting it to work that way.  Also, I'm not advanced enough in Javascript.

This one solves the same issue I have except it's for just Print or Email, and I want to send to PDF.  I may end up going with the Print or Email option, but I just wonder:  Has anyone figured out a way to convert multiple responses in Storyline to a single PDF?



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Jillian Rae

Thanks Russell, your solution looks like exactly what I need if I can get it running. I'm just wondering if it'll work locally for users that don't have internet access? I know there are issues with javascript accessing the local filesystem so I just want to check before I spend too much time swearing at it! As far as I can see it's not accessing anything as the image is encoded and the pdf is created on the fly and presented as a downloadable file, am I right?

Russell Killips

Hi Jillian,

Sorry, this approach doesn't work well locally. It is possible to get it running locally but depends on which browser is used and its security settings. Security settings could be turned off but I cannot recommend doing that as this could lead to more computer troubles such as viruses, spyware, malware, etc.