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Apr 09, 2018

is it possible to print, the text entry and the Specific task as headline? 
We have around 20 Text entry questions in our course, and the students should be able to print out all Questions with theier answers and Feedback in the end of the course, by clicking at the print button of the result slide. Is this possible? 

Where can we find the Text entry responses of the Students in Storyline Output - to evaluate in LMS? 


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Crystal Horn

Hi Lisa! Using the Print Results button on the results slide of the quiz will generate a browser tab with a report including questions and answers given by students.  Let me know if you're seeing something different, though.  Here are some reasons why Print Results might not work.

When reporting to your LMS, Storyline will send this dataTip:  Use SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API to send question and answer text to your LMS.

I hope that helps!

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