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Apr 26, 2013

Hi Heroes,

I have two text questions that are not scored, but that I have set up to print on the results page along with the students' answers to the questions.  The students' answers are showing up on the results page when I publish and print, but the "Question" column on the results page reads, "Text Entry Interaction" instead of the actual question.  How do I make the results page show the actual question in the "Question" column? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Robin,

Are you using a freeform or survey text entry question? I think this happens because there is no actual question created when you make these types of interaction. Yes, you can insert text or questions to the slide, but the quiz question itself doesn't require a question, so the title for the interaction doesn't change. 

If you're not using those question types, can you share a little more information about how you have this set up?



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Robin,

I don't believe so, no. Not with that particular question type. 

You don't want to score the entry, correct? How about a Survey short answer, instead? Since that quiz type contains a question, the actual question will be displayed in the printed results. Also, the user will see a "Neutral" response, instead of an "Incorrect" or "Correct response.

It would look something like this:

Would that work for you?


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