Creating a bar chart with variables

Aug 09, 2018

Dear Heroes,

I am trying to create a bar chart using random variables. My challenge is that the variables are random (not multiples of 5, 10, 20 or 25).

One solution is to divide the entire bar into 100 instances of different sizes. Using a variable, do the calculation and show the relevant size. Is there a more effective solution to my problem?

As always, many thanks in advance.

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Michael Hinze

You could try using looped motion path animations that move bars inside a scrolling panel which effectively masks the bars so they seems to "grow" or "shrink". Or, if your slidebackground lends itself to that, you could try using a bitmap with cutouts and then have sliders underneath, where the slider thumbs act as the bars. Here is an example of the old-fashioned, state based option.

Of course, there is always the option to use some Javascript-based charting solution. 

Ansh ⛳

Thanks, Michael.

I used the slider solution (suggested by Russell) and it worked perfectly.

As you mentioned - You could use the same approach and create a chart based on random numbers, rather than manually selecting values - In that case, how many bar states do I need to create? Just wanted to learn something new.


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