Creating a blink animation?

Sep 22, 2012


I want to create a blink animation on an object that the user will click. The animation options are very limited compared to ppt 2012. Any ideas?



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Kai ...

Thanks David, I will play around tomorrow with it.

Another question: How can I allow a button action or trigger allow the user to download a file. e.g. when the object is clicked, the file will either open in a new window or download by giving the user the option to save it. I applied the "jump to URL/File', but it isn't the action that I prefer since it is a supplemental document.



Kai ...

Hi David,

Yes, I want to link a PDF. I set the settings of the browser to open in a separate browser. As you know it can only be tested once published.

Once again another question .    -  

I noticed on the published items that one cannot just solely publish to a swf. If viewing the swf without the supporting files, it won't load. I amassing because I am creating my portfolio to send to a client. 

Thanks again for replying to my questions.


David Anderson

Hi Karen -

I don't think you can guarantee the .pdf will open in a new window or a browser.  Are your learners all using the same browser, like IE? Sometimes in corporate settings, browsers and preferences are standardized. But if learners can install and customize their own browsers, .PDF files may not open the same for each user.

Regarding uploading: You're right that Storyline (and Studio '09) all publish to a folder with multiple files. You can still upload and share your published project in your portfolio, but you'll need to move the published folder--everything in it--to your server. Below is a quick overview of how that works. If you have any questions, just let us know!

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