Creating a branched scenario with options based on entered text

Jan 12, 2018

I want to create scenarios that are a conversation between two people, and the learner is one of the people, and I want their multiple choice selections about what to say to be based on what they enter.

For example:

Customer says, "I'm having a problem with printing..."

What do you say?  <enterable text field>

Based on what the learner types, I want them to be given related options.

For example:

If the learner includes the word "error," one of the choices would be "Are you getting a specific error message?"

If the learner includes the word "sorry," one of the choices would be, "I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble."

If the learner includes the word "help," on of the choices would be, "I'd be happy to help you with that."

Once the learner gets the options for multiple choice, they would continue like any branched multiple choice to the next step in the scenario. I'm assuming this would take some relatively intense javascript, if it can be done at all. Does anyone know if something like this is even possible?

I appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Julie, it can be done, but if you truly want to give the learner free range to enter anything in the text fields it is going to take a bucket load of JavaScript to make it happen. You will have to set up a word array in JavaSript and then compare what the learner enters with the array and then determine what action to take if there is a match. You will also have to determine a path if there is no match. It can be very complicated.

I have done this in this example but it is far from perfect and I am still sorting out all the possible responses.

An easier method would be to give the learners a list of options that they can select as their response. It is not as sexy as what you are suggesting but you won’t grow old before your time trying to implement it.

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