Creating a dynamic restaurant menu

Apr 07, 2013


I'd like to create a restaurant menu:

Fisrt, I want users to choose their foods (by clicking on their icons)

Second, I want then to click on a button called "please order"

Third, I'd like to get a slide which shows the foods they have chosen

(thus creating the illusion that they actually get their order)

How do I perform the third step in articulate?

Thank you

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Phil Mayor

If you are jumping to another slide then you will need a vraiable to pass the information and then use statesĀ 

e.g. If they have to order a starter, main and pudding then you need three variables (starter, main, pudding)

Set the value dependant on what they choose, on the next slide have three images (starter main, pudding) with states or each option change the state using on timeline start triggers with conditions based on the options you set on the previous slide.

If you are just using a slide layer then set it using the selected state and timeline start triggers

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