Creating a link to a network drive page in Storyline 2

I’m trying to create a link from my Storyline course to an html file on a network drive. This is where we keep out online help system. However, storyline doesn’t read this as a valid URL. I never had any trouble with this using Lectora. 

The online help was created with Robohelp, so they are basic html pages within the Robohelp container folders. Since the help system is for purely internal use, the company opted to use a network drive instead of placing the system on a web server.

I understand that Storyline doesn't like linking to network drive files, but is there a workaround for this?




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Greg Brown

Hi Ashley,

Since the file is a page in our online help system, I couldn't import the files directly into Storyline. I figured out an alternative, though. Instead of creating a link to the URL, I executed a javascript command:


This appears to work. Thanks for your help.