Creating a list from drag and dropped items?

Hi there,

What is the best way to create a list using the drag and drop facility? My users would be typing text in up to 100 free text fields. I will then use a variable reference to create a drag items lists (i.e. each referenced with its own %TextEntrynnn% variable). What I'm interested in is to collect the list of the dropped items, hence I would need to be able to reference the dropped items (something like %result.droppeditem01%?)

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Phil Mayor

You can concatenate a list using javascript 

var player = GetPlayer(); 
var List = player.GetVar("yourVar");
var addOn = player.GetVar("yourVar2");
var concate = List + Addon +"\n" ;
player.SetVar("yourVar", concate);

You could execute when object dropped, the only problem you have is if the object is taken out again.