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Mar 19, 2013

Hello Forum!

I would like to create a sign post to use in a course I'm creating.  I have a sign post image but, unfortunately it looks like its tilting backwards because of the perspective of the image. I decided to buy something but a search for images didn't render anything usable either (this surprised me) as everything was either shot from the ground looking up or is shot straight on but the sign post doesn't touch the ground (i.e. the image is only of the top half of the sign).

I then decided to create a sign post myself, thinking it would be easy enough but everything I create looks entirely one dimensional. When I used shadowing to create some dimension the whole sign itself still looked flat. A search for tutorials also left me empty handed. Does anyone have any ideas regarding building a simple sign post? I'll share anything I create on the forum (if I succeed)!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nadia,

If you can share some of the colors you'd prefer, or an example image of a sign you like, maybe some of the creative geniuses here can help you out

You should be able to create something like this in Storyline itself - depending on how "fancy" you'd like this sign post to be. 

Also, you could mimic the shadow effects you're looking for with shapes as well. Working with the transparency and maybe even the glow effects, you could certainly do something with this.

Now, obviously I did this quickly and I may not be the best person to make these graphics for you, but here's some examples:

Nadia Zaid

Hi Christine, 

Thanks for getting back to me. These are great but basically what I'm trying to do is one sign post with multiple signs. I've attached my two sign attempts. The first one (green) I'm happy with but it lends itself to 2 to 4 signs max however I'll need six signs. The 2nd one- and I'm really embarrassed to show it- is my attempt at a single sign post with multiple signs. I'm still working on the background so I didn't include it but it will basically be a road that splits off in two directions. I'd like to put the sign at the cross roads. If you or anyone else can give me pointers on how to improve (or completely change) sign number 2 I would be super grateful.

(If anyone is looking for a sign, feel free to use and change the 1st one, I'm certain you won't want to use the 2nd

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