creating a template from scratch

Nov 15, 2012

Hey guys!

I am currently working with a template i created in the master slides. But i seem to be doing something wrong... I modified the question template after i created the questions.

Everytime i choose this layout, the answer gets all screwed, he doesnt recognize the place holders i had in there, i have to realign manually the answers parts and cut/paste the te4xte3 in the new place holders the template adds.

Is there a tutorial on creating / formating templates from scratch? Can't seem to find any...


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Nathalie Kustcher

I have seen this tutorial, thanks!

I had a template before and did this procedure to save it. But requests from my projet manager and content expert led me to change manually some of the slides and now when i try to apply the layout, its screws everything up...

I was wondering if there was another tutorial on the elements of the template, especially question slides since these are the ones that become particularly crooked....

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nathalie,

That sounds sound a bit strange. When you're loading the template into the question slides, is there already a template assigned to it? It sounds like it might be trying to adjust to the settings for a previous template. 

Can you post a screenshot (You can take a screenshot by pressing ALT+Print Screen. Then paste (CTRL+V) into a Word document) or a screencast  here, so I can take a look, please? You can attach files to this message by using the paperclip icon.

Thanks again!

Nathalie Kustcher

It is yes, it does it mostly with the MC and true/false questions... MR, Sequences or associations, even freeform do fine...

its gonna be hard for me to show you  - im done with the changes in the layout...

i have a second questionnaire to which i need to do apply the same template tomorrow. If the same thing happens, i will send the screencast to show you what i mean... Thanks!

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