Inserting quiz questions into corporate template

I am using a corporate template and have come to the part where I need to insert some quiz questions.  I have been attempting to insert by going 'new slide' and 'graded questions' but unfortunately the layout of the questions doesn't seem to work with my corporate template, ie, the question sits on top of the border image. 

Is there any way around this other than creating the question slides myself from scratch within the template? 


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Catherine Seal

Wow, thanks for the quick response, Wendy!  Not really sure - didn't follow the steps in your screen grab but had saved the slide set as a template previously and when I tried to create a new quiz question, it automatically did it in one of those slides.  Would I be better off using quizmaker do you think?  Don't think that works with Review though, does it? 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Catherine

if you go to the View > Slidemaster you'll see all the layouts (normally a blank default set) and then if you have imported slides into SL it will create a new master layout which you can modify or if you want you can create a new layout with just the question template. 

When you are editing you just use the Home tab > apply layout to choose what you want. This tutorial may help you

If you are using Articulate 360 you will have access to Studio 360 which runs through ppt and would be available to publish to Review.

Shout out if you need more help.