Creating a terms of use slide

Sep 19, 2014


So I am attempting to create a terms of use slide that requires the customer to agree to them by selecting a check box; but I would like to be able to record the interaction.  What would be the best way to tackle this?


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Greg Faust

Depends on what kind of record you need. For my own work, I just have a terms of use slide at the beginning where every navigation control is disabled except the "I have read and understood the terms of use agreement" button. I realize it's not perfect, but if (God forbid) there were ever a legal battle, no one can claim not to have seen the terms of use agreement, since it's impossible to access the rest of the course without clicking the acceptance button.

If you want some kind of electronic receipt sent to you, I guess you'd need to set up an email trigger, some javascript, or an LMS interaction. If that's what you need, hopefully someone who knows more than I about those things will chime in.

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