Adding a video to a layer

May 12, 2015

Hi guys!

I have a slide with three text-filled boxes that when you click on each displays a layer showing the description of the terms in that box. I click on a box and a layer pops up defining that term.

I would like to add a video to each layer, so instead of simply having a written description, it plays a short video explaining the term.

Is that possible? Having a video within a new layer - one video for each of the three layers? Or would I be better off just have a new slide for each of the terms?

I hope that makes sense!

See pic for a better idea of what I mean...



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David Charney

Hey Ian,

You can certainly add videos within layers. It shouldn't cause any problems and will enhance the experience.

In the layer options (little cog icon on the layer) you might want to check the box that says "Pause timeline on base layer". This will make the seek control bar move and show position status in each layer and video.

Randy Weaver

Hello! I also have a question about videos in layers. I want learners to click a Home button on each layer to return to a Home layer or the Base layer. Then the learner can choose another circle to click to see a different video. Is that possible? Also, can I use states so that the Home layer and Base layers show Visited states? I attached a file for your review. Thank you.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Carol

I've updated the triggers in your file just for the first circle...Take a look and see if it does what you want.  You don't need the Home layer 3, you can hide the current layer and return to the base layer.  You'll notice I've used hotspots on the Home and Next group objects - this is because sometimes grouped objects can be fiddly for a sometimes they need to hit a sweet spot for it to work.  If you use hotspots you can be sure the user will be able to click and the action will work but this is entirely your decision - if you choose to use the groups just delete the hotspots and that should delete the related triggers.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carol,

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