Creating a trigger for text to appear after they type anything into a data entry field?

Jan 03, 2016


I am trying to create a trigger where if the user types any answer into a data entry field--then a separate text box will appear somewhere else. I have the data entry variable inserted but I don't know what to set it to. Nor, do I completely know how to set up the trigger. I have the text entry box that I want to appear changing states from blank to the answer but for some reason I can't get the trigger to work correctly. I tried to tell it to change the state of the answer text box after the user clicks tab or enter in the data entry field. That doesn't seem to work. I'll try and post screen shots here. Thank you in advance. 


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kathleen murphy


Yes, I'd be happy to! I think I downloaded something you had posted about showing a layer when a number is entered. I'm wanting to do the same thing but with ANY text at all entered. 

So, I want them to guess and enter ANYTHING into the 2nd column and then an answer will appear in the 3rd column. Hope that is clear. 

Thank you! 

Bob Kaart


Like Wendy suggests, I wouldn't leave the Normal state of an object blank. Rather set the initial state to Hidden and make it appear to normal with a trigger.

There are probably many ways of doing it, but I've set it when the Variable Guess1(2,3,4 etc) changes, IF it's not blank, it will change the state of the textbox behind it. So if the variables gets filled, show the result.

Also another tip is to set the "Tab order" of your program, you can find it under the "Home" page. That way you control where the user tabs to.

kathleen murphy

Thank you so much Wendy and Bob! I'm hoping it will be easy to duplicate for the other entries/answers. 

Do you know why when they "tab" that there is a yellow box that appears around the title of the slide? I assume maybe this is what you were talking about Bob with needing to change my tab order? What do I change it to? 

Thanks again! I really appreciate it!!!!! 

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