creating an 100 question exam using Storyline 2 - issues with changing out the submit button and using the next button.

Aug 07, 2015

Hello, I have spent 3 days trying to get things to work.  The customer wants a 100 question exam. This exam once it is built will be the template for 5 more of same. They are for a certification to be earned.  No problem can do. However, they want to be able to go back and change a question after answering it.  So, I changed out the submit button to the next button, changed the slide properties to "When visiting" "Resume saved state". Allowing the user to go to the navigation-menu set as "Restricted" so they can go back to a previously visited question - and give them the opportunity to change their answer.  then the scoring is at the end on the "Results" slide. Works like a charm!... The issue? You can select the "Next" button without making a selection on the MCQ or TF Or Multi-Answer. etc.  I have tried changing the triggers on the Next button many different ways.  I tried changing the state, I've tried changing the values, I am not strong on the triggers and  I cannot get it to work. Now it's 2 to 3 days later...have lost precious time and I'm still dead in the water with this. Please give me some suggestions or trigger knowledge or best practices...... I'm almost to the point where I will have to tell the customer that this cannot be done... the software will not allow it.... Their old original Exams  were create a long time ago in Lectora...which gave them this functionality with a previous button to allow them to go back and change a previous question. The users who take these quizzes are used to this type of availability....

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Lisa Hagar

I already have in place the extra slide with the review button and the submit button - before the results slide.  as suggested in the "Related Content" on the side bar... The problem is we don't want them to jump ahead.... or skip questions..... due to the "Next Button" allowing this.... because there are so many questions this allows room for error.... This exam is to replace people having to drive 5 hours to a testing center to take this exam for their certification.

Lisa Hagar

Thanks Phil and Ashley,  I appreciate your input.  This helps!... I can then stop trying different methods.... I can still put together the Exam...  and score correctly...which is ultimately what we want.

I will just have to put a reminder on each slide that before submitting the answer to make sure this is the answer they want to submit...this will be their final answer... or something along those lines....

Phil Mayor

Stopping them jumping a hard will mean adding logic to each next button based on the next button and selected states, this is quite a bit of work on 100 slides.

I would, if I was you,  test the courses as is in the clients LMS the HTML5 content even with a results slide, if you do not submit each interaction on each slide it is likely that individual question data is not submitted to the LMS and only the score will be sent.

Not much point doing the additional work if this is happening.

Jerson  Campos

Browsed through this real quickly so if I have anything wrong let me know.  Not immediately submitting a question and attempting to submit all of them doesn't work in HTML, correct?

And no feedback is required. 

And no submit button is being used, instead you are using a "next" button.

My suggestions.  Change the number of attempts to unlimited and add a trigger to the next button to submit the interaction (this must be before jumping to next slide).

This way they can change the answer as often as they want when they comeback, still get no feedback and you only have to add one trigger to the next button.  It will submit the interaction correctly and shouldn't be a problem in HTML5

Lisa Hagar

Jerson... I got excited that this might work. Two things - by turning off the feedback it shuts down the unlimited tries and only gives you 1 attempt - the whole thing is grayed out and not selectable.... but I still thought it might work so on my test copy (10 questions) I changed the Next button first to submit interaction and then added the trigger to jump to next slide after the submit trigger... so I tested it in preview mode 3 times - each time Storyline 2 basically blew!  So I published it and then tried it. and then it blew up again.... I don't think the next button is designed to submit interactions as long as you have a submit button already doing that function. I was sooo hopeful!... but I thank you for another idea.   That's how we learn...

Tracy Buthe

Not sure if this would work completely but I would try Jerson's fix but do NOT change the option in the form view of the question to No Feedback. Just leave it at By Question, then just delete the feedback layers. It seems to leave it at unlimited attempts. I have done this but not sure if it will work in your situation. Might be worth a shot. Fingers crossed!



Lisa Hagar

Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions! Between Phil's comments, Jerson's and Tracy's I had it working finally...  It never made it to the LMS to see if it scored correctly. There was just one thing..., 

The one thing that I realized is that after testing it, with the unlimited tries, deleted feedback layers, using the original Submit button....and a restricted menu... I was able to go back an change a previous answer... but now and then it wouldn't work for me...then the next time it would work....

Then I realized what was happening.  If my previous answer was selected as the correct answer, but I wasn't sure and wanted to try a different answer, It would not allow me to select anything and it would give me a previous/next button instead of the submit basically this is an indicator of whether the previous answer was correct or not.... If a prev/next button appeared...and I couldn't select anything, then it was correct...

If I went back to a previous answer and the submit button was on the slide - I was able to select a different answer....This is pretty much telling the person to go back and change the answers when the submit button appears...

Also at this point I still don't know if it will score in the LMS using html5...


I appreciate everyone's input and suggestions! I've learned a lot!

Leslie McKerchie

I apologize. It is still in the hands of our QA Team it seems in regards to SL2.

Quiz questions may be scored incorrectly in Articulate Storyline 2 when these conditions are true:

This is a known issue. You can avoid this behavior by viewing your course in the Articulate Mobile Player app or a Flash-enabled browser. If HTML5 is a requirement, you'll need to submit answers one at a time.

Lisa Hagar

Hi my name is Lisa Hagar and I believe I was one of the people who started this whole conversation.

I had to have this project put together with a deadline and could not wait, so I did a work - around.... I created a page right before the Results page in Storyline 2. On that page was a page full of buttons each button linked to a previous page so the first button linked to slides 1-10 the next button linked to 11-20 and so on. I had animated text and arrows to show them how they could go back to their previous test questions to review and change any answers before submitting the entire exam. Then I had an animation where it showed them how to get back to that page that had all the buttons... I had a link on the tool bar template... that would bring them back.

This way it would not change anything, it would not show them the correct answers (indirectly - which if I remember it was easy to figure out) I didn't have a navigation on the left either - everything would record correctly and they could make changes one more time before submitting the entire exam. -

This was so needed and very important to get it right because we were trying to reduce travel time to a testing center only located in certain cities. Some people would have to travel and spend the night lodging somewhere - just so they could take this exam - if they passed they received a certification which they could put as credentials to their title. So this was and is a very big deal. It saves many small companies all the expense and travel time to take this exam.

When Storyline folks figure this out - where it doesn't look and behave so primitively, please let me know. We want to look professional in the eyes of our customers.

If you want me to elaborate more I will... right now I need to get back to work.

Thanks so much
Lisa Hagar

Lisa Hagar

Yes it worked. It's not pretty but it worked.

Here's a screen shot.... This is the last slide before the Results slide. The arrow is part of the animation and synced with narration instructions and then it disappears...each button is linked to the first slide number it relates to... this way it doesn't show what they previously selected or there is no obvious deductions of which one is the correct answer... The submit button is at the end of the exam instead at each question. It works... but it's clunky...


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