Creating an animated scale on Articulate Storyline 360

Hello there!

I kindly ask your advise in developing an animated double-pan balance scale on Articulate. Once I designed my elements, I want to make movable the two pans using slider function, in order to reproduce the typical movement of the scale, when one of the two pans contains a higher weight then the other, it goes down and the other pan goes up, and viceversa. To reproduce this movement, I want to work with sliders, with the aim to use fingers to swipe down and up the two pans, however I am struggling to develop my idea on the software. I tried to use triggers and work with states but it didn't work.

Could you please help me?

Thank you for your help!

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Walt Hamilton

Here is an idea that may get you started. Realize that to do this is a very labor-intense project.

It will help make things go faster, if you know this about rotating the beam of the scale.

1 Go to edit states

2 choose 50 and duplicate it, naming it 60

3 in the new state, select the line, and select format from the ribbon

4 set the y value to -60 and the height to 120

It will rotate the beam perfectly, but be aware that this only works for a line; you may need to find your own method if you use a picture, or something else