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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Terri! 

I've seen a few conversations on here about this, but nothing solid enough to share as a possible solution. If you needed to 'simulate' this with some kind of Freeform text entry 'question' that explained to the users that by placing their name in the box acts as their 'signature', you could do that.

I'd be curious as to what other users have done to fill this need.

Terri Merrill

Thanks Leslie

I'm thinking about setting up the question and then potentially emailing the page (if possible in Storyline) to a specific person. Then, that person would have a copy of the signed page in an email.  We want to be able to confirm folks have read and agreed to what the content of the elearn is. Not exactly what I think elearning is for, but I think it will work for the business purposes.

If anyone else has an idea... I'm open