Creating courses that do not score in Storyline

Aug 30, 2023

Hi all,

We have a government-mandated course with specific needs in how it is executed. Initially, before we had an LMS, it would consist of a PDF, which would be read by the learner and then flagged as completed on the backend by the instructor. Now, with an LMS, we want to create an SL course instead of the PDF, but we need the course not to show completion. I hope that the LMS can flag that it was taken and then can be flagged manually in the LMS. I have been using a survey (as that does not have to be scored) to attempt this, but have not had any luck. Any suggestions?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello James,

Thanks for reaching out! 

There is a 'Complete Course' trigger in Storyline 360 that you can use to manually set the completion status of your course to Incomplete.

You can try testing how this trigger will work in your LMS to see if it will fit your requirements. Check out this article to learn more about using 'Complete Course' triggers in Storyline 360: 

And here an article which explains when a course communications completion to an LMS.

Let me know if you have any questions!