Creating flipping pages effect in Storyline

Aug 17, 2012

I am trying to figure out a way to make a magazine type application using Storyline.

Creating the art direction is not a problem, but wondering if there is a way to create a flipping page type effect where if people click on a button, the next slide turns up as if turning a page in a book or magazine.

Ideally it would also be done by clicking on the corner of the page and dragging the mouse.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. 

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Bruce Graham

Hi Paco.

Not a way that I can think of doing this. I was thinking you could do this using PowerPoint animations and save as a video, but .pptx/2010 does not have a "flipbook" animation unfortunately.

I have played around with using the Flipping Book application as a web object, but it would be much better to have a "book page turn" animation available natively in Storyline.


PS - Brian et al...if you are listening.....Flipping Book animation please

Paco Garcia Jaen

I did think going the video route, since I can create the animation in Flash and have it ready. However that wouldn't really interact with the content of the slide, just the background.

It wouldn't also allow the user to click on the corner and drag the page, so to speak.

It wold be truly amazing to have something like that. Storyline renders itself perfectly to create emags!

Simon Perkins

Have just had a go.  Yes, you can add an uploaded doc and the page displays/behaves exactly as it would if you were visiting the full site.  It doesn't seem to like being "encased" in a border, i.e having another layer on top or around as it somehow casts it aside to reveal its full size anyway.  Therefore you have all the native Youblisher controls (navigate, zoom, full screen, download, print etc) along the bottom (which some people might find v useful, others less so).

Anyway, this shows an example of what can be done.  

PS I'd forgotten how clean the whole effect was having not used the site for a while.  Very slick and definitely another way to show off downloadable resources.

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