Creating increasing and decreasing numbers in Storyline 3

Jul 05, 2019


I have few audios, which will get repeated number of times as the user enters the number in the numeric field.

For eg., when user enters number 4, the audio must play 4 times.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Isar,

It sounds like you have an interesting, custom setup you're working on! Are you able to share a copy of that .story file here with folks in the community? That's the best way to get some extra eyes on it so that folks can weigh in and share ideas with you. 

You can click here to upload and share that course with the E-Learning Heroes Community! 

Phil Mayor

add the audio to a layer, show the layer (either by button or when control loses focus).

Create variable called counter (number)

add trigger to add one to counter when audio completes

add trigger to play audio when media completes (your audio) if counter not equal user input variable)

add trigger to hide layer if counter === user input variable

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