Timeline Triggers Working Sporadically

Aug 29, 2017

Hi -I have Slide 1 with a timeline trigger telling it to jump to Slide 2 the 17th time that the user enters Slide 1. This works, sometimes, and sometimes not. 

I have a variable that holds the number of times the user enters Slide 1; it starts at 0 and increments by 1 with each entry (aka, timeline start). 

This was working ... and now it is not working mostly, but sometimes it is.

Help? Thank you!


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Susi B

Hi Amy,

what are your slide properties? Resume saved state, reset to initial state or automatically decide? If it´s on automatically decide, this could be your problem. If you want to trigger with timeline starting, you should reset to initial state. This does not influence your counting variable as far as I know.

If it´s not that, maybe you could share a slide or two so we can test it ourselves. :)



Amy Nicholson

Hi Susi - thank you for your response. 

Slide properties are resume, as there are buttons that disable after initial use. (This is a Jeopardy game) and without that, they do not disable after selection.

What's odd is that this sometimes works, sometimes not. 

But ... maybe there is another way to trigger the increment of the variable, something other than timeline start?

If not, I can put the increment trigger on other slides - just not very pretty, as there are 48 of them vs. one trigger on the main slide (slide 1). 

Amy Nicholson

Hi all - I think this time I have solved it. I think I was clicking too fast while testing. There was a fade-in transition. I was clicking sometimes before the transition ended - I suspect the timeline did not actually start until the transition had ended. I changed the transition to one where it is more difficult to click until it is complete. So far it's working ... 

Not sure I can post the file, as I don't own the project. 


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