Getting a Form to Automatically Populate

Mar 12, 2016

Hey guys!  Soooo... I'm working on a scene and ran into some trouble.  I have a series of pick one question slides and one pick many slide.  After the user completes the series of questions, I have a slide that is automatically populate with the previous entries from the survey.  All is working fine except for one part.  

We want the pick many slide to be limited to 1-2 answers.  And, those two answers should be fed into two separate entries. Also, there is an option for the user to write in their own answer, which should also auto-populate to the final slide.  So, what currently happens is that if the user enters one answer, the answer is populated twice.  And, if the user enters their own text, the same thing happens.  I need help to fix this, please!

I'll attach the file below.  The pick many question slide is 1.3 and the compiling slide is 1.7.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing here - and although you've used a survey or pick many slide, there is no way for your final slide to know that user selected more than one response based on your triggers. So for example, Q2A9 is being set to true and then it's referenced on the slide 1.7 as a part of two triggers without any conditions to indicate something else could have also been selected. It's a bit more triggers to add in the sense that you would only want to adjust Textbox 3 to the state of Q2A9 on the condition that Text 2 is not also in the state of Q2A9. 

I'll defer to the community for recommendations on other ways to set this up to help you limit the number of triggers, but hopefully that explanation at least helps indicate what's occurring! 

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