Creating Spinning Wheel and Landing on Set Points

Hi folks :-)

I wonder if you might be able to help...

I am currently trying to work out how to make my wheel of fortune style concept actually function! (Please see attached image). What I am trying to do is make the coloured wheel spin on command (I will create a spin button and perhaps an axis in the middle to point) and land only on the points which have the icons on, but once one icon has been visited it needs to not land on this icon again. (The icons link off to individual lessons).

Would anyone happen to have a template of something similar or just some help would be greatly appreciated!

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Jackie Van Nice

Hi Olivia!

I've used JavaScript to create a spinning wheel that randomly lands on different selections. I'm not at my desk this week to play with it but I'd be curious to see if there's s way to control the landing points as you're suggesting.

Here's the one I did:

June Ganes

This may be elementary to some but I created a spinner for a monopoly game using a picture with animation then added a clicker. Not sure how to send this as a story file but I did attach a picture. When doing this I just moved the picture once the spinner stopped to the number I chose for the next jump in the game.